Sunday, 11 November 2012

If I m pregnant..well I am no doctor..and KKM?

Salam semua..apa khabar..sok dah Monday kan..hmm sok memang Raini bz time weekend la nak berblogging..ok isu yg Raini nak cite ni is about pregnancy and KKM..bukan ape ramai yg sms tanya adakah Tabita ni still can be used if we are pregnant..hmm ok disbbkan Raini always talk about experience..let me be frankly..I am a user but never experience using it when I cant tell la ..and I am also not a doctor to advise on this matter..pretty tough question kan..
skali lagi this is ur own decision..make urself conformtable with any decision u make..I am just selling it hope uols really understand about it..I am not an expert..Hope u gals/guys can ask ur personal doc whether you can use skincare while u pregnant..
And another big Q is whether this product is registered under KKM (Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia)..hmm the answer is NO..coz I did not see any logo of KKM on the product..well the story about Tabita skincare is from words to words..when people see the good result they will ask kan..hey girl what did u do to ur face..hmm very radiant and lighter than before..
Again if you scared of using a product that is not registered under KKM then I suggest dont have a slight intention using it..again make your own courage no TABITA that is for me ok..sometimes I need to be upfront..I am not a seller that just think of profit..I am a user I share my experience gak..Tabita skincare is something u came across via people experience..u heard, u google, u read some testimonial (shall be trusted ones la kan), u decide then buy ..that's how I went xde goreng -goreng ye..thats what I share with u gals..

chow dulu hubby dan dotter ajak dinner


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